About Gravy

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Gravy is a platform for brands and influencers to host live streamed Shopping Parties. Our interactive, mobile format makes shopping fun, social and incredibly rewarding. Every day, we host live Shopping Parties where the audience can win cash prizes, score deals in our unique dropping price shopping game, and have fun together discovering amazing new brands and innovative products. It’s a Shopping Party up in here!

Hey Brands and Influencers, It’s Time to Make Mobile Shopping Fun

Online shopping is easy and functional, but it sure is boring. In fact, most of us don’t really “shop” online – we just buy things we already knew we wanted. Search, click, buy. Yawn.

Gravy is out to change that. Our mission is to make mobile shopping a fun, social and interactive event. In other words, A PARTY! We give you the interactive tools you need to hold your own Shopping Party at Gravy, giving your audience a big reason to show up live and have fun shopping and playing together with you.

Ready to learn more about hosting your own Shopping Party? We’d love to talk advertising@gravy.live.

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