About Gravy

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Gravy is a Live Shopping Game Show you play on your phone. Part game show, part competitive shopping event, Gravy is addictive fun! Every day, we host live shows where you can compete for cash prizes and score deals on amazing products featured in our dropping price shopping games.

Dropping New Products — How Low Will It Go?

Every Gravy show offers up an awesome new product to a live mobile audience via our unique dropping price Shopping Game. Each product offer starts at full price and then every second you wait, the price of the product drops right before your eyes until our hidden quantity of the product sells out. You can choose to buy at any time during the price drop, BUT we hide the quantity and how many have been sold to make things, um, fun. The longer you wait, the better the deal gets, but wait too long and the game sells out and you’ll lose out. Face palm or celebration hands in the air—every Show you get to decide.

Win Cash & Help Make the World a Better Place

Grabbing new, innovative products at big discounts sounds great, right? But we aren’t done. Nope. We also give you the chance to guess where you think each Shopping Game will sell out and the best guessers win real cash money in each show. It’s true—Gravy’s sort of like the love child of eBay and The Price is Right that lives on your phone.

And best yet, all of this fun translates into some tangible goodness for the world. Every time you buy in a Shopping Game, we donate a big chunk of those proceeds (up to 100% in some games) to a charity that you select from our list of charity partners. Stuff your pockets with cash, score deals AND raise money for charity--It's Lit!

Business Model? We Don’t Need No Stinking Business Model

Oh wait, that’s not true. We actually do need to make money to bring Gravy shows to you night after glorious night. And the good news is that we do have a great business model that we love.

Our vision is to give brands the ability to turn the tables on traditional, interruptive advertising. You know, all of those banner ads, pop-ups, pre-rolls, billboards, tv commercials, etc., that we all try to avoid. Instead of spending their marketing dollars annoying you with interruptive ads, brands can now use those marketing $s on Gravy to earn your attention by giving you a fun and rewarding experience.

This is a big idea. The U.S. advertising market is humongous—like 1% of the entire economy big. Gravy’s show is our attempt to peel off a chunk of that crazy huge number and use it in ways that provide real value to audiences, let brands actually reward people for their attention, and raise money for worthy causes at the same time. Brands on Gravy are bravely trailblazing a better way and we hope you continue to show them some love after the Show and their time on the Gravy stage is complete. Just think if brands took all of the money that they spent on things like t.v. commercials and instead spent those funds on Gravy shows? Now that’s a cause we can get behind. . . .

Grab your phone people, and help us change the world, one live show at a time. Every Drop Counts.

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